All You Need to Know About Get Rich Quick Schemes

Get Rich Quick Schemes: 
Get Rich Quick Schemes

All You Need to Know About Get Rich Quick Schemes

Everyone is running here and there in search of greener pastures, and many have towed the negative path of becoming rich without actually working for it.

During my university days, my flat mates were the best ever; we lived like brothers and as a team. Nothing could come between us. At that time Ponzi scheme was the talk of town and everywhere in Nigeria. 

I cannot really tell how we became so rigid not to be part of it. Every other member of our lodge was into one ponzi scheme or the other, but we declined and resisted their pressure to be part of it.

We were called names, treated as enemies, simply because we refused to join them in what they are doing. My flat mates and I warned them about the bitter ending of Ponzi schemes, but it all fell on deaf ears. 

We gave them history of what happened in Nigeria over 20 years ago, and how people were defrauded by the so called ponzi schems in the 80s. Yet they insulted us, and even wanted to stage physical attack on us. So we minded our businesses and focused on the reason we came to school.

Almost every member of my class were also involved in the so called ponzi schemes .
Some using the names of class mates and bank account numbers to register multiple accounts, so they can earn even more money.

Some of them came to me to get my bank account number, and promised to give me 30 percent share when they receive the earnings via my bank account.

It was so tempting and mouth watering getting free money without doing anything, but I still didn’t agree to their terms and conditions and enticement.

They knew I am a young man who needs funds to take care of my needs in school, so they tried everything possible to make me fall for it, I still didn’t fall. It took the grace of God to be able to resist all the temptations of getting free money without working.

At the time of all this, I just started my blog, and I always spend my free time updating my scholarship blog.

So they always put that in my face, that I waste my time blogging and making nothing in return, why don’t I just put the money I spend on hosting plan and data into the scheme and reap big.

But today, I am happy I listened to the good spirit leading me inside. My blog grew into money generating funnel, where I earn monthly.

You too can start a blog today and be successful.
The ponzi scheme later crashed with all their money gone just like that into the drain. I always asked them this simple question “ where is the money coming from?” and “how do the ponzi people make their money to the point of being able to pay such a huge amount of interest within that short period of time?”. 

They responsd “ the ponzi scheme make money through ads”,. So I requested to have a look into the ponzi scheme website to find ads, I could not find a single ads. The lack of ads gave me a red flag that it is all fake.

With my little understanding of ads serving on blogs and websites, it is not possible to make such a huge amount of money. I am using Google Adsense ads, and you can only earn when ads are served on your pages.

I explained all this to them, but it all fell on deaf ears, and they ended up losing all their money.

My major reason for writing this article is because I stumbled on several posts on facebook concerning get rich quick.

These posts asked the interested ones to pay a sum of 10.000 naira and make 120,000 naira after 45 minutes. Some say join us with 1,500 naira and make 15,000 naira in 7 days.

Then I asked myself, how is this possible? Why are people still falling for things like this, after being victims of the previous failed schemes?

No legit business will make such a huge amount of money in such a short period of time. Investment needs to grow and become self sustaining.

There is no difference between get rich quick schemes and gambling. Its lose lose lose at the end. 

No matter how much you make from it, you will always want more, and this will lead you to putting all into it, hoping to reap more, the end result is Heart Break.

My advice to you, please avoid get rich quick schemes.  
You can start a blog, write about anything you are good at, share it to the world, and reap from your labour. 
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Whatever job or handwork you have can make you rich, with time, and consistency.
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