Make Money Online - See How you can make Money Online in 2021

Make Money Online:- Everyone, including you and me, is running here and there in search of greener pastures. Some have done so many despicable things all in the name of making money.

Many go into gambling/betting, drug sales, and many wrong acts just to make money.

In order for you not to be part of them, I have decided to share with you easy and fastest ways in which you can make money genuinely online.

Best Ways To Make Money Online

Best Ways To Make Money Online

Since human’s civilization, money has played a major role in our day to day living. Money is an essential commodity humans cannot do without.


We need money to buy water, food, clothes, books, to pay for bus ticket, for air ticket, for school fees, hospital bills, and everything you can think of.


Money does not grow on trees where we can just walk up to it and pluck some. No, money has to be earned.

If we must use of money, then we have to earn money. It is that simple.


There are different ways we can earn money genuinely without having to break the bank.


Before this era of online jobs and working from home, we must be present in an office or factory or company in order for us to earn.

Today, you can sit at home and still make money. Isn’t it great? 

Most jobs where people go to work daily are now being done from home in this era of coronavirus pandemic.  The World is evolving into an online village.

All thanks to the internet, today things are easier for everyone. You can sit in the comfort of your home and place an order on something.


Many businesses are now operating online, so do not sit and fold your hands and allow this pass you by. You too can flow with the modern way of things and earn or make money.


I know you must be wondering what I am talking about. If you have no clue on “how to make money genuinely online,” I will walk you through with this well tailored guide.


The amount of joy I get while working from home, cannot be quantified, It creates income for me, time for my family and other things.


What else can be more comforting than sitting at home, work, and earn a decent income from it?

If you have a job that requires your presence, you can do this on a part-time basis and still make extra money for yourself and your family.


Back to the topic of today: best ways to make money online genuinely.

Ways to Make Money Online

The various ways a one can make money online are so many, but we will learn the most important ones. The first on the list is;

1. Become a Writer

If you have passion for writing, and your writing skills are top notch, then you can transform your skills into a lucrative business deal.


So many media companies are looking for content writers in different fields.

These companies will pay you decent amount of money so you write contents or articles and blogs for them. The more high quality content you develop or write for them, the more money you will earn. It is that simple.


But if you think it is best you go solo, I will advise you take up blogging as a career (I am a living proof).

If you need a blog to start making money, you can learn more about how to start a blog and how much it will cost you to have a blog here.


Do you have something you think people will want to buy into? If yes, you can offer your services online through freelancing websites (like fiverr, cousera, udemy, etc) and make legit money.


2. Write Review Post for Big Brands

Another way you can earn money online is simply by writing reviews for products and businesses. Since you already own a blog, and writing is one of your skills, reviews will fetch you huge amount of money.

You can write review posts for big brands on their request on your website and they reward you for doing so. Just because you help them to generate some traffic to their website through that post, they will actually pay you well. Why not give it a try?

The best site that will pay you to write a review about them is GRAMMERLY. Grammerly will pay you $25.USD when you write a review about them. It did not stop there, you also make money whenever someone  sign up through your affiliate link.

There are other big brands out there that will pay you handsomely to write genuine review about them. 

Simply search on Google, and you will find hundreds of them.  I wish you all the best.



3. Make Money through Google Adsense

If your option is starting a career as a blogger, then you will need to monetise it. There are different ways to monetise a blog, but in this part of the article, I will be focused on Google Adsense.

You must of have heard about Adsense, but if this is your first time, do not trouble your heart.

After starting your blog, you should write original contents of about 30 posts spread across a 30 day period.


Note: The minimum word count requirement is 300. So make sure your contents are relevant with at least minimum of 300 words, if you can cover your topic with more words while still maintaining the substance of the content, please do. As this will help you get Google Adsense approval to monetise your blog and start making money like me and other bloggers out there.


Please note that you cannot monetise your blog or website the very day it was created. Google will not approve a site or blog with thin content, this is why you have to write quality and original contents, and post on your new blog or website. 

Keeping your website or blog updated will give google a green light signal of come and approve me.


There are some important things you must have before applying for Google Adsense, first you must have an about page, a contact us page, a privacy policy and disclaimer page. 

If you do not know how these pages look like and how to create them, please see the footer of this blog if you are on mobile device.



Some people said it took their blogs six months before they got Adsense approval, while others said weeks, but in my case, it took me about 1 month and 9 days to get Google Adsense approval.


You should know that Adsense approval is not based on traffic or the amount of visitors you get on your blog and or site daily, but the amount of original and relevant content you have on your blog.


The general notion is that once your blog and or site is six months old, you can apply for a Google Adsense account. Six months is a long time to make your blog ready. 

The reason for this is to give your blog enough time to generate great contents, but if you have a warehouse of contents, you can post as many as you can daily.


This six months time frame will also help prevent fraud of getting Adsense approval on new blogs and later sell the Adsense account to those in need of Adsense.  

Google wants to do business with genuine and trustworthy people. 

In my case, I post 5 contents daily, and in 30 days, I had 150 genuine and original articles on my blog. It is that simple.


So before starting your blog, I would recommend you start writing your contents using Microsoft word or any other word writing tools, and save them on your document folder awaiting your blog creation. This was exactly what I did.


Google Adsense is a cost per click (CPC) advertising program in which you as a publisher can add HTML ads scripts on their blog and or websites.

You earn money each time an advert showing on your blog or site is clicked on.

Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money online, but nothing good comes easy. 

They have policies every publisher must adhere to, or you may get banned for the slightest of mistakes on your end. So Beware! If you own one, you need to use it wisely.


You are not allowed to click on the adverts showing on your website or blog, if you do, your adsense account will be disabled and all your outstanding earnings will be withheld, which means there will be no payment, and you will not be able to monetise your blog and or site with Adsense anymore.


Other ways to make money online.

4. You can also make money by selling Awesome Pictures or Images Online

This sounds like fun, but I must tell you, it is way more than just fun, it is a money mining tool. 

You don’t have to be professional photographer to start making money with this.


This offers equal opportunity to the amateurs as well as the professionals. If you know you have passion in taking pictures, or you have some awesome images or pictures that are worth selling, you should jump into this option. It is a win venture. Give it a try.


How to make money with this is very simple, all you have to do is add watermark to your images and display them for sale on websites like iStockphoto, Shutterstockand many others where you can make extra money online by selling your photographed images.


When you put your images for sale, you should remember to place them in their relevant categories. 

Examples, Images of Football goal moment should be placed in football goals area depending on the categories on the platform you are selling on.

If your image is on personal protective equipment, you should place it in the right or correct category. Doing this will help you get the right audience and also converts well for you.


5. Earn from Online Marketing and SEO projects

Have you ever thought of being a digital marketer? Let me help you think, if you don’t know what digital marketing is all about, you are missing a lot.

Digital marketing is one of the high paying niches of blogging and online business. 

You can be a digital marketer and work from the comfort of your home, just the like Neil Patel and earn huge income.

In order for you to become a digital marketer, you will have to learn online marketing and then source SEO projects.

What is SEO – It simply means search engine optimization.

The aim of search engine marketing is either to boost sales of a business or product and or to drive quality website traffic.

So if you have a concrete idea on SEO, you will land yourself huge steady income.


6. Sell Product with E-commerce

Selling product is another way of making money while sitting at home. You can either decide to sell your own product or sell as an affiliate partner. There are so many affiliate programs out there.

Some of the of the popular ones includes Amazon, commission junction, grammerly, coursera, udemy, interserver, bluehost and more.

In recent time, e-commerce marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online.

If you have a product line of your own, such as ceebea, you can start selling online. 

Ceebea sells purely organic skin care products, and her products are awesome. She is making huge profit from sales.


She did not just start selling on air; she started selling when she opened a website for her products. 

You too can start selling today by owning a website.

If you are interested in starting a website, Start Here.


Every e-commerce website requires good and quality web traffic to make good sales. 

In order to achieve this, you will have to promote your website / products on social media pages and groups.


And if you have some money to spend, then you can use paid advertisement with google, facebook, twitter, and also instagram to drive in targeted traffic to your e-commerce website or store.


Writing good products description is a plus for you, as it will help you generate more sales, and in turn more income.

Also the quality of your products will result in recurring sales and referrals.


If you learnt something new from this post or you have a question, please drop your comments, and also please share this post to your friends on facebook, whatsapp and other social media platforms.  Make Money Online by following this guide. Thank you.

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