Blogging Tips For Women 2021 – Step By Step Guide

Blogging Tips for Women 2021 will be of great help to girls and women who wish to dive into the world of blogging.

Blogging Tips for Women

In recent time, blogging has been seen as a new way to earn extra income monthly. Some have taken it as a side hustle, while others took it as their complete source of income stream.

Blogging Tips For Women 2021

In this article, I will be sharing with you useful blogging tips that will gear you up as you venture into a career on blogging.

Few years back, people see blogging as a lazy man’s job. They see people who engage themselves in blogging as being unserious. But today, blogging is the new gold mine everyone wants to get into. 

But before getting into the topic proper, let us look at some common mistakes new bloggers encounter while learning the in and out of blogging and which makes them not to succeed and fail as a blogger.

Some common mistakes new bloggers make includes:

  • Failing to understand that nothing good comes easy.
  • They lack a blogging mindset.
  • Wrong content strategy or approach.
  • Poor promotion strategy, which is, not utilizing social media traffic.
  • Not using the right keyword on their articles or contents
  • Not optimising their contents for humans and search engines (SEO).
These above stated mistakes make new bloggers to flow out of the world of blogging the same way they came in.

If you are able to avoid these mistakes, you will surely grow and enjoy the benefits of being a blogger.
Every blogger should have a positive mindset.

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 See Blogging Tips For Women 2021 Below:

  1. Blogging requires patience and time
  2. Do not treat blogging as a side earning source
  3. Blogging is not as easy as the name implies
  4. Blogging needs little investment
  5. Content Quality

Blogging Requires Patience And Time

Blogging is not a bed of roses where everyone just comes in and rips gold; there is more to blogging than just writing articles and posts.

If you have the mindset of “I want to start a blog so that I can become rich” without having a proper understanding about blogging, you will fail to achieve that when frustration sets in along the way.

So, my advice to you, before you decide on starting a blog, you should first have a plan on the type of blog you want to run.

All new bloggers will experience difficulty while trying to carve out a niche and audience. I am a living witness. I almost stopped blogging when there was no positive result in terms of income.

My friends were mocking me that I am wasting my time writing and posting articles. If I had listened to them, I do not think I would be here today.

You cannot start seeing results on a newly created blog; you need to give it time to grow.

You need to feed it with relevant contents in order for it to grow.

Do not expect hundreds and thousands of people to rush into your newly created blog as soon as you go live.

In order for your blog to get readership, you will have to inform the world about it, and what you offer, by simply sharing on social media, and also asking your family and friends to share with their friends.

It would take some months, like up to 6 months, before you will start seeing positive results on your blog.

Within these 6 months period, your blog should be populated with relevant contents that will attract visitors.

Though some blogs do better within the first 2 months, but the standard period for a blog to be ready for monetization is 6 months according to Google Adsense policy.

Though in some cases, some bloggers started seeing results within their first 1 to 2 months of active blogging.

In my own case, my blog became ready for monitisation 2 months after it was launched, just because I focused on content rather than making money.

If you wish to monetise your blog with contextual advertisement like Google Adsense, your blog should be at least 6 months old with unique relevant contents and quality traffic.

Please do not let monetization be the only thing on your mind, but writing quality contents is what you need to fill your mind with (positive mindset).

Just focus on your content, and with time you will see a positive outcome.

Note: Patience is the key, consistency and a relevant content is king.

Many new bloggers fail to understand this; this is why they fail along the way.

Do Not Treat Blogging As A Side Earning Source

Ninety nine percent (99%) of the people who reached out to me, that they want to become a blogger, and make extra income, ended up not able to achieve their goals,

They regard blogging as a side hustle and pay source, but did not want to sacrifice their time and mind to it, and so, they fail.

Because of the time new bloggers devote for their blogs and the relevancy of their contents, they find it difficult to survive.

For you to earn money with your blog, even if you are a working-class lady or woman, you should take and see blogging as your only source of income and devote your free time to it.

When I say free time, I am not asking you to devote 1 hour on your blog daily, I am saying you should put in the same seriousness you put into your job. Let’s say 3 to 5 hours daily if possible.

But if you cannot meet up with time, you can devote your weekends to your blog. At least write and publish about 1 to 5 posts or articles weekly.

If you can update your blog daily with relevant and well written contents or articles, it will be a plus for you, and before you know it, you will start seeing earnings when your blog is monetised.

Blogging Is Not As Easy As The Name Implies

Blogging is indeed not a bed of roses, if you do not write, publish and promote your blog; there is no way it will grow into an income stream.

Before starting a blog, please make sure you have a plan, because the numbers of blogs out there are so many, that new bloggers find it difficult to survive. To be frank, blogging is not as easy as it used to be.

In other for you to stand out and earn from your blog, you should be ready to come up with competing articles or contents, because you will be contending with so many big and small bloggers in your niche.

Blogging Needs Little Investment.

Every business in this life requires a starting capital; blogging is a business and as such, it is not left out of it. You will need money to run your blog, and keep it alive.

Though some of the big blogs today, started on blogspot and free wordpress, when the blogging world was still on the developmental phase. I am not encouraging you to do same.

It worked for the first bloggers, but today in order for a new blogger to succeed and compete with the already established blogs, you will need investment to promote your contents to the right audience.

You must have heard of a popular Nigerian blogger known as Linda Ikeji, she started her blog on blogspot, but she invested her time and resources to see it succeed, and indeed she did reap the fruit of her labour.

As a blogger I have invested my time and resources also, and I am seeing positive results already
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Another Blogging Tips For Women 2021 Is Content Quality

Avoid Copy And Paste From Other Blogs:

Write your own content. We know no one is an island; this is why I will recommend you to visit other blogs in your niche, read their contents, and get ideas on what to write on.

When writing or developing your content, you should close the gap which other bloggers fails to cover in their articles. If you do this, it will make your content unique the preferred.

New bloggers are guilty of just going online, searched for any topic, copy and paste the copied content on their blogs without adding any value. This is called content scraping.

They do this without minding if the particular content is copyright protected. This act will affect the growth of your blog.

Google, Bing, and other search engines frowns at bloggers who engage in scraping contents from other blogs without adding any value.

Such posts or content are regarded as duplicated content, and it affects your blogs SEO.

My advice to you is to avoid duplicate contents if you want to succeed as a blogger. And if you are not careful, your blog will be penalised.

If you must copy contents from other blogs, it is advisable to rewrite the content, make it original and add value to it.

Write Engaging Posts Or Content

Writing of engaging and topical post or content which helps in solving problems is very important if you want to succeed as a new or old blogger.

Your post or content should be readable by your audience, by simply using short paragraphs and easy to understand phrases.

If users or visitors find your blog posts or contents useful, they will keep coming for more and even bookmark or refer their friends to visit your blog, and this will in turn help in recurring visitors or traffic to your blog.

Before you write a post about a certain topic, it is advisable to run a search on that topic to see the number of search request that topic is receiving on search engines.

With this in hand, you will be able to know what your audiences want, and how to help solve and answer their request through your content.

I use this approach on my blog, and I see positive results on the keywords and topic I choose to write on. You should also do the same.

Apart from using google keyword planner, there are other tools you can use in finding the right and engaging topics to write on, an example is ubersuggest.

I use ubersuggest alongside google search to know the top searched topics and related keywords to include in my articles.

When you write, you need to sound fascinating, you should write as if you are in discussion with your audiences, use words like you” “your” and “me” in your articles.

If your articles or contents can help solve problems, you will see how your readers or visitors respond to your article because of its usefulness.

In my scholarship blog, the number of emails, whatsapp and facebook message request I get daily sometimes makes me want to run away.

The load is now too much for me, and I am planning on employing an extra hand soon, simply because the content is useful to my readers.

Always use case study to prove a point to your readers like I do using myself and others as examples in the article blogging tips for women 2021.

Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Using Microsoft word to write your articles or contents will help you to correct errors you will make during your content creation. For a better sentence structure, you can make use of Grammarly.

Wrong spellings will make your contents unreadable by your audience.

Try as much as possible to correct any mistake by taking your time to proofread your contents before publishing.

Conclusion On Blogging Tips For Women 2021

Having said all this, I will like to conclude here. If you take and apply every point I have enumerated in this article, you will surely get a positive out.

Always make sure your content stands out among hundreds and thousands of blogs in your niche.

Remember, relevancy and problem-solving posts/contents/articles is the starting point to the top.

No matter the difficult conditions in front of you, I want you to have the positive mindset of winning.

Never see yourself as unfit in the blogging world. Make sure you research well on any topic you want to write about before starting it.

Remember to always share your blog contents to social media like facebook, twitter, and instagram to get your readers updated whenever you publish a new post.

Try as much as possible to reach out to other top bloggers in your niche, as this will be of great help to you, through the advises and help you will get from them.

If your content is worth sharing with their audience, they will surely help you to share, and or link to it.

Seek for guest posting in other blogs in your niche.

And lastly, you should always optimize your posts or articles by adding the right keywords at the best winning parts of your articles. I will recommend what works for me to you.

I make sure the keyword I want to rank for, appears at the beginning of the first paragraph of my post. Take a look at this article, you will find that my focus keyword which is Blogging Tips for Women 2021 appears in the first paragraph.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to leave a comment below in case you a question.

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