Enable Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

Enable blogger custom header tags is very important for a blogger or blogspot website or blog to rank on search engines. 

Since most people finds it difficult to rank a blogger blog on search engines, they preferred switching to wordpress platform. 

I see no reason for the switch, if you can configure your blogger website to be SEO friendly, because it tells search engines which page or pages you want to be indexed. 

Note: If you do this correctly by following this guide, your blog or website will be giving search engines green light signal that it is ready to be crawled and indexed.

But if not properly done, your blog may never appear on search results any more. So pay careful attention.

How to Enable Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

Enable Blogger Custom Header Tags

In this article, you will learn how to rank your blogger blog by simply making a configuration to your blog from the blogger dashboard. 

Step One:

On your browser, whether on smart phone or a computer, enter this URL : www.blogger.com , and login using your Gmail account. 

Navigate to the preferred blog, if you have multiple blogger blogs, and click on the preferred blog you want to enable custom header tags for.


Step Two:

  • Navigate to Settings on the left hand side of your dashboard, and click on it. 
  • After that, you will have to scroll down the page until you find the title (Crawlers and indexing) section, and under it, 
  • locate Enable custom robots header tags, and click on the button in front of it to toggle it on, or enable it, as shown in the image below.
Enable custom robots header tags settings

Step Three:

Enable Custom robot tags for home page:

In this step, simply click on Home page tags to display a popup window, as shown in the image below.
click on all to toggle it on, and also click on noodp to toggle it on or enable it and click on save. See image. 
Note: Your own should be the same as the one in the image below.
Enable Custom robot tags for home page

Enable Archive and search page tags:

To enable archive and search page tags correctly, simply see image below, and click on save after toggling on the noindex option and noodp option. 
Enable Archive and search page tags

Enable Post and page tags:

To enable Post and page tags on blogger, simply follow the instruction as shown in the image, and after toggling on or enabling the correct buttons, simply click on the save button to save your settings.

Enable Post and page tags

This is it. If you followed carefully the above instructions in this post (How to Enable Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger) correctly, your blog or website is good and open to search engines in the right direction. 

If you find this free guide useful, please do not forget to share and link to it.