Protect Your Bank Account - Secure Your Sim Card

Protect your Bank Account against Fraud By Securing Your Sim. 


Protect your Bank Account against Fraud By Securing Your Sim.

Prevent Hackers from Your Bank Account Through Sim Swap Fraud

Preventing unauthorise access to your bank account is very important for anyone operating either mobile banking, magic banking or USSD.

Since you make use of your mobile phone to carryout your banking operations, there is need to set a password and PIN on your phone and SIM card, to be on a safe side.

This password and SIM PIN help safeguard your bank account from being hacked into, and all your money withdrawn without your consent, should you lose your phone or your phone is stolen at any time. 

Protect Your Bank Account against Fraud By Securing Your Sim

You can prevent and protect your bank account from fraudsters and hackers by following this simple procedure.

Change SIM PIN using small Phones:

Click on your phone menu button, and navigate to Settings as shown in the image below,

Click on Settings, and navigate to Security settings and click on it.

Now select SIM security or Security, and click on it.

In this step, you should select Change PIN or Modify PIN.

Change SIM PIN using small Phones:

Note: The default PIN is 0000 for MTN, Glo, 9mobile, while 1111 is default PIN for Airtel Network. You can enter any 4 to 8 digits as your new PIN.

Simply enter the default PIN (0000) when you get the prompt to Input PIN.

And in the next prompt where it says INPUT New PIN, you are to enter your new PIN, and click on Ok.

For Android Smartphones:


Go to SETTINGS in Your phone. See screenshot below.

STEP 2: 
Go to Security or Security & Location under Settings, and click on it..

Navigate to SIM Card Lock and simply click on it to proceed to the next step.


Now that you are in the SIM card lock settings section, simply toggle on Lock SIM card as seen in the image below, and enter the default PIN. 

Network Providers Default PIN code:

- For AIRTEL users it is "1111".
- For GLO users, it is "0000"
- For MTN users it is "00000".
- For 9mobile users it is "0000"


After you have entered the Network providers' default PIN code in step 5, simply click on Change SIM PIN just below, and you will receive a prompt ( SIM PIN: Old SIM PIN).


Enter the default PIN as Old SIM PIN, and a new prompt will appear, asking for new SIM PIN.

Now, Enter your new PIN, and click on ok, you will be required to re-type your new PIN, then click on ok to save it. 

Note: Your new PIN can be from 4 to 8 digits. 

That is it. 

With this above settings in place, when ever you or anyone restarts or remove your SIM Card from your phone, or insert your SIM card into any other phone, the PIN code request window will pop-up. 

Change SIM PIN on Android

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Secure your Phone with PIN code:

Setting security password, PIN code or pattern in your phone is another way you can protect your bank account from fraudsters.

I am not wishing you bad, but in a case whereby your mobile phone is stolen or get lost, your phone contact list, SMS messages, photos, videos, documents and any valuable and personal files will be safe and protected from getting into the wrong hands.

To set your mobile phone security PIN or password or pattern, simply go to your phone settings.

Scroll, until you find Security or Security & Location, click on it, and navigate to the section of Device security.

Not all phones have the option (Device security), so, simply look for Screen lock, and click on it . 

You will find ( None, Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Password), now click on any of them to enable your phone security. 

In case your phone gets into the wrong hands, your files and sensitive data will be safe. 

If you setup your phone security as well as your SIM Card PIN, whenever you turn off your phone, you will be required to enter a password, PIN, Pattern, depending on the one you set as your secure pass.

With this in place, unauthorised transactions can not occur on your bank account, and also, your phone number can not be used to defraud your contact list, when your phone or SIM card finds its way into the wrong hands.

I hope this post helps? 

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